The Meaning Crisis

Globally, we face a crisis of meaning.

Millions live disconnected and without a sense of homeanxiety within, alienation without, and a sense of absurdity with the world.

The scientific world gives us tools for innovation, but it cannot tell us how to live. Few of us know where to turn to develop the transformative wisdom necessary to cultivate a meaningful life.

The Meaning Crisis is at the root of the modern crises of mental health, the response to environmental collapse, and the political system. We are drowning in bullshit – literally “meaninglessness”. We feel disconnected from ourselves, each other, the world, and a viable future….

Many people are talking about The Meaning Crisis, but what I want to argue is that these problems are deeper than just social media problems, political problems, or even economic problems… they’re deeply historical, cultural, and cognitive problems.
Dr. John Vervaeke
Chair, The Vervaeke Foundation

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