The Vervaeke Foundation empowers people by supporting a broad range of research, innovation, and outreach initiatives, in service of responding to The Meaning Crisis.

The Vervaeke Foundation funds research that increases our knowledge and understanding in the search for practical and novel solutions to The Meaning Crisis and supports outreach initiatives that translate that research into real-world outcomes.

Popular Teachings

The Plan

1994 to Present

Dr. John Vervaeke’s Work

Develop the science, build teaching series, prove the effectiveness, build initial MVPs, and develop a following of thousands who prove the effectiveness of transformation.


Spinning up Vervaeke Foundation

Dramatically expand audience, scale proven methods, test MVPs internationally, build organizational scaling capability, and implement the first phase of program development.

2023 to 2026

Create a new “Socratic Way” hub

Move the center of the movement away from John Vervaeke, towards the way of wisdom. Rapidly scale across in-person and online formats, pursue strategies that have a higher barrier to entry, and steward expansion.

2027 and beyond

Scale sustainably and long-term

Develop wisdom at scale, integrate with key areas of culture to create broad cultural momentum, and afford the cultivation of widespread wisdom and virtue necessary to address the meaning crisis.

Our 5 Focus Areas


Further developing the philosophy and scientific understanding of wisdom cultivation.

Funding the scientific work of John Vervaeke and his colleagues, bridging the ancient and modern ways of knowing.


Bringing transformative understanding to as many people as possible by producing teachings as podcasts, video series, and courses, both by John and others.

Removing the barriers of access to the life-giving knowledge necessary to develop wisdom.


Making the practices of transformation widely accessible. Developing the technology, methodology, and staff to scale ecologies of practices.


Incubating communities, developing leaders, running peer groups, hosting events, and connecting seekers of meaning to creative and innovative collaborations.

Building the infrastructure to facilitate transformative community engagement.


Working with the institutions and, thinkers, researchers, and leaders necessary to spark widespread cultural change.

Bringing the science of wisdom to the efforts on education, business, democracy, leadership development, technology, government policy, arts, and nonprofits.